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When you travel , Sonder is it

Updated: May 25

What is Sonder you may ask? Sonder is a hospitality company that offers a unique alternative to traditional hotels and vacation.

I stayed in their NOLA property for Essence 2023. ( link below )

Sonder can be an excellent choice for your vacation for several compelling reasons:

  1. Unique and Stylish Accommodations: Sonder offers a range of properties that are thoughtfully designed and often situated in vibrant neighborhoods. Each unit is unique, blending the comfort of a home with the style and amenities of a boutique hotel.

  1. Consistent Quality and Service: Despite the variety in individual units, Sonder maintains a high standard of quality and service. This consistency can make your stay more reliable and enjoyable, ensuring you have a pleasant experience regardless of the specific location.

  2. Technology-Driven Convenience: Sonder properties are designed with modern travelers in mind, providing a seamless, app-based experience. From booking to check-in, and managing your stay, everything can be handled through their app. This minimizes the need for traditional front desk interactions and makes the entire process more convenient.

  3. Flexible Stays: Sonder offers flexible booking options, allowing you to stay for a few days or several months. This flexibility can be particularly advantageous for travelers with varying needs and schedules.

  4. Local Experience with Hotel Comforts: Staying at a Sonder often means you’re in a residential area, providing a more local and authentic experience compared to traditional hotels. At the same time, Sonder ensures you have the comforts and amenities you expect from a hotel, such as fresh linens, high-speed Wi-Fi, and professional cleaning services.

  5. Competitive Pricing: Compared to many traditional hotels, Sonder often offers more space and amenities for a comparable or even lower price. This can be especially beneficial for longer stays or when traveling with family or a group.

( I just paid $209 for a 4 night stay in Mexico City)

Last but not least ... Prime Locations: Sonder properties are typically located in prime urban areas, close to major attractions, dining, and entertainment options. This can enhance your travel experience by reducing commute times and making it easier to explore the city.


Choosing Sonder for your vacation can provide a blend of local flavor, comfort, and modern convenience, making it a great option for a wide range of travelers.


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